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It's 2:55 AM. 
I don't even feel tired, and I just want to text Daniel ( my boyfriend) but I can't.  It usually gets worse at night, because  whenever I wasn't able to sleep, he'd always tell me he'd stay awake until I was able to get tired. He never gets mad when I wake him, and for the longest time I refused to text him  because I was afraid to wake him because I'd feel like the biggest douche ever haha. I miss him, and just want April to be here. He wrote me a note on a little white board I have in my room and it says: 

" Boobear,
Stay strong and I will be home soon. I cannot wait to see your smiling face. I'm counting down the days. You are my world and I will ALWAYS come home to you <3 (:

PVT Daniel M.  (
obviously I'm not going to put his last name)

i have it up where I can see it every morning, it helps get me through the day. 

Blah, i feel like such a baby. I know, I know, it's only fifteen weeks, but I.MISS.MY.BOYFRIEND. haha

My mood: pretty blank

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